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10 Tips to Make Your Dancing Look Less Awkward

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Ever been in a dance class and you felt really awkward when it came to the dancing part; or you tensed up and had no idea what to do next? Dancing can feel really awkward at first and sometimes impossible to get over that weird period when you are first starting out your dancing journey. Fear not friends! STU Arts is here to help you look cool when you're dancing with 10 tips on how to.


1. Know your beats

One of the best ways to look cool when dancing is actually being on beat. Listen to the music and decipher what type of beat the song is using, from there you are able to dance on cue. When in class, your teacher will show you the beats, you can count it out in your head or use different sounds to help.

2. Be loose

Nothing screams awkward than when you’re too stiff when dancing. Relax your shoulders, arms and legs when dancing, that way you are able to utilize any and all sections of your body accordingly.

Another tip: Right before doing the choreography jump up and down and shake out all your limbs to get you loose and free to move.

3. Be intentional with your movements

Doing movements half way/ not really going giving it your all can make you feel and look small. If you want to look confident in your movements BE confident in what you do. Go full out when dancing and own every moment of it your confidence will make you look cool!

4. Match your energy to the music

This is one of the most important tips I can give you! If the music is loud, hard and there are a lot of beats, match your energy to emphasize those moves with the beats. If the music is more sultry and smooth, slow down your movements, blend them together and you will match with the music perfectly. Essentially just feel the music and you will inevitably match with it.

5. If you make a mistake, keep going

Everyone makes mistakes but it’s how you deal with it in the moment that can affect how you feel and look when dancing. If you are dancing to the music and you make a mistake don’t overanalyze it, let it go and KEEP GOING. Oftentimes no one will notice and nothing says cool like owning it 100%!

6. Stay active outside of the studio

Staying active outside of the studio (in any way) is a great way to keep your stamina up when dancing. Dancing takes a lot of energy and running out of breath when in the middle of performing a piece of choreography is the worst! So stretch, go for a run/ walk, or do small exercises every day and you will look effortless when dancing.

7. Change your position in class

Joining a dance class can be scary and if you want to feel and look confident stand in the front of the class. Dancing in the front is a great way to not only build your confidence but also allow you to rely on your own memory of the choreography (therefore becoming a better dancer!) If you are used to being in the back of the class I encourage you to take a step forward!

8. Own your movements

Acting confident in your moves will make you feel confident when performing. Telling yourself that you can do it and you are going to kill it will translate into your dancing. Even if a specific move makes you feel really awkward, owning it will make you look way cooler!

9. Don’t worry about those around you

The worst thing you can do to yourself is compare your dancing to someone else. Everyone has moments of insecurity in dancing (even the most technically trained and effortless dancers). Focus on yourself, on executing the movements, and you will feel confident in yourself making you look very cool😎 🤙

10. Enjoy your moment

I saved the best for last! Enjoy every moment of your dancing. Be in the moment, feel the music and don’t worry about anything else. If you really want to avoid looking awkward in your dancing live in the moment and fully embrace the piece of choreography. Remember you got this and you are a cool dancer!

To look cool when dancing is all about confidence, being confident in yourself, your movements and being present in the moment will translate in your dancing. We know that learning how to dance can be a real confidence bust if you don’t know what you are doing, just know that you are capable, you are able and you can do it! We hope these 10 tips will get you dancing more confidently. Now get out there and own the dance floor!

Come learn how to dance with us, check out what we have to offer here, and how to get registered here!

See ya out there!!


The STU Arts Dance Team.

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