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How to Set and Achieve Dance Goals

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Hello hello! Welcome back, hope you are doing well. So you have decided you want to start learning how to dance and might not know where to start. As a beginner dancer, setting goals is a great way to get you started while also keeping track of all your achievements. By setting and keeping track of your goals you will also see how far you will come, getting you to celebrate along the way! This blog is dedicated to helping you figure out what you want out of your dancing journey, and how to make it happen. Let's get started!

1. Remember why you started

When starting to set goals for your dancing journey, you have to figure out what you want to achieve in the first place. Take note of why you love dancing, what inspires you; do you love the creative aspect of it, or the freedom of movement? If you have ever watched dancing videos on Instagram and told yourself “That’s going to be me one day” or one night you went out dancing with your friends and you said “Oh my god that was so much fun, I want to do that again!” Tuning into that feeling of why you love dancing so much is going to be your main motivation. Whatever it may be, that feeling you have when dancing is going to be your driving force.

2. Set short term goals

Short term goals are great to get the ball rolling. Start off with small goals like getting new workout clothes, or researching what studio you find best fits what you are looking for. These are smaller, rather easier goals to achieve at first. You can start by going for walks or jogs around your neighbourhood to get your heart rate up and ready for more movement so you feel like you are not dying in class, or stretching every morning and night to get your body ready for more physical activity. Whatever it is, setting small goals like that will help you get started.

3. Set long term goals

Like short term goals, long term goals are a great way to keep the ball rolling. These goals are more suited for trying to achieve something that you know is going to take a little more effort on your end. Your long term goals can be “my goal is to be able to remember and perform a full choreographed dance”, “my goal is to be able to able to train in ballet”, “my goal is to start with a beginner hip hop class and then take an advanced class by the end of the year”. Setting these long term goals will keep you moving, motivated and ready to take on what’s new each day.

Ps. Breaking down a bigger goal into smaller goals is fantastic. Grab a piece of paper and on the top write down what your main goal is. Then on each line underneath it, write ten smaller goals that will eventually get you to your big goal. For example; your big goal is “I want to choreograph my own dance”. Underneath that write 1. I will watch videos/read books on how to choreograph. 2. I will freestyle in my room and jot down some moves I love. 3. I will…. Having these smaller goals will get you closer to your bigger goal!! :)

4. Keep a little journal

Now this might sound like a given, but writing your goals down makes everything 1000% more real and more achievable. Writing things down gets it out of your head and onto something real, therefore more accessible to you.if you write down, your cognitive process allows you to sear that goal into your head. (When I write down a goal it makes me feel like it’s more official in my mind, therefore encouraging me to go for it even more!)

Remember: the language you use is also very important. Steer away from notions such as “stop being so shy” and use “introduce yourself to 1 new person in class today”. The first one has a negative effect that puts blame and guilt on you for having these feelings in the first place. Being shy is completely natural when trying something new. However, the second one allows you to have leeway on trying something new and looking forward to the outcome! Setting that short term goal of meeting only 1 person will allow you to jump over a small bump and get you started on enjoying your journey :)

5. Know that it is a journey

Every journey is not linear, you will have ups and downs and you will have to challenge yourself in areas you might not have anticipated. While this does make it harder, it is not impossible. Everything is achievable if you put the time and effort into it. Daily affirmations can help you with this, whether it is writing them down, meditating on them, or even telling yourself them while making breakfast. Just know that if you have a set goal in mind, you are more than capable of achieving it. You got this, I believe in you and before you know it you will be celebrating what was once a dream :D

And there you have it folks! How to set and achieve your dance goals!! If you have a goal in mind, honestly go for it, it’s so worth it!! Also, be sure to celebrate along the way, achieving something new is always worth celebrating and will get you feeling more confident and ready to take on a new goal. If you are interested in learning how to dance, be sure to do so with STU Arts Dance. We offer beginner classes for everyone to not only learn but to have fun along the way, we also have an amazing and encouraging dance community that will celebrate your dance goals with you! To find out more on what we offer check us out here, and how to get registered here! Can’t wait to see you jamming it out with us!

Have a good one :D

The STU Arts Dance Team


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