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5 Dance Apps you Should Download

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Hello hello! Welcome back to another STU Arts blog. We all read the title, apps—we have come to know and love them over the years as they make our lives much easier and are a great way to learn some new things. If you love to dance and want to know more about getting creative with your dancing journey, We have rounded up the most useful dance apps for all types of dancers out there. Check out this list to see which ones you need to download ASAP.

For all the music lovers (AKA every dancer out there) Shazam is a great way to discover new music. Let’s say you are grocery shopping and you hear a song play on the radio you absolutely love but have no idea who the artist is so you scramble to hear the lyrics but can’t quite make it out; don’t worry, there is a great solution—Shazam! It takes an audio sample and matches it to the artist, track, and album and it saves on your library so you can visit the app again whenever you like.

For all the dance perfectionists out there, Coach’s Eye was developed to help you clean up your angles, technique and make notes on certain sections that you feel like you need to work on. Although it was developed and marketed towards athletes, this is a super helpful app for dancers of all levels. You are able to review slow-motion sections, physically draw on the screen, and provide you with a blueprint on those notes given to you.

SongMark is one of the most useful apps for dancers; it allows you to manipulate your music however you like. If you want to listen to a fast section slowly so you can hear each instrument and beat, you can do so with SongMark. You can even bookmark sections of the song you like for you to come back to and listen. You can even convert YouTube songs to MP3 files and transfer them to your computer. (plus it’s free☺)

A staple for the dance community. Meetup is an app that allows you to join different groups within your neighbourhood/ city and discover some pretty cool communities along the way. You can find some local classes such as painting, or language exchange as well as some dance classes. You are kept up to date with upcoming events, workshops and offers. (STU Arts Dance is on meetup, check us out here to keep track of all things Dance related!)

Want to keep track of all your classes with STU Arts Dance? Bsport allows you to track all of the classes you registered for, want to register for, and keep track of all your payments and subscriptions to each of our class passes! It’s an easy and efficient way for every dancer to make sure they have all of their classes in order and to make things a little easier when registering for new classes!

And there you have it friends! Some of the best dance apps to download to help you maximize your dance learning! Come dance it out with us at a studio to learn how to dance and have fun while doing so! Check out what our classes are here, and how to get registered here! Can’t wait to see you out there!

See ya soon!

The STU Arts Dance Team.

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