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5 Benefits of Online Dance Classes

Updated: May 16, 2021

In a day and age which we have access to the world (literally) at our fingertips, the world has come to acknowledge and take advantage of the benefits of the world of “Online”. With this in mind people have resorted to online shopping, online gaming, and now—online dance classes (?). now I know what you may be thinking “online dance classes? That’s a thing? Wouldn’t it be hard to dance via the internet?”. Although these may be some valid concerns, I’m here to let you know that online dance classes do have its benefits—without further ado, here are 5 benefits of online dance classes.

1. You don’t have to travel.

Now, probably one of the most obvious understandings of anything that has to do with “online”. One of the beautiful things is you don’t have to travel. Picture this, you just got home from work, or school and you can’t be bothered to go out again, now the only travel you have to do is from your bedroom to your living room for that extra space to dance. All you have to do is register online, prop up that laptop, tablet, or even your phone so you can see it, and enjoy the class! just like a regular in-person class, you will be able to see your teacher, communicate and have fun, all in the comfort of your own home!

2. Low Stress Environment

If you are worried about going to an in-person class, an online class can be a great step to build up confidence when you decide to try out that in-person class. With online classes you are in the comfort of your own home, you can mess up as many times as you want, try new moves without feeling self-conscious of what people might think or who might see. At the end, it’s just you in your room dancing! Once you get comfortable with a couple of online classes, you will be able to build up that confidence to go to an in-person class and have just as much fun.

3. You can learn at your own pace.

If you are worried about getting the combination right away, that’s fine, with online dance classes you can learn at your own pace and how often you want to dance. You can practice each move however long you want and as many times as you want. The beauty is you can do it, re-do it and do it once more without feeling like you are falling behind the rest of the class.

4.Learn what you want when you want.

The amazing thing about learning privately online is you get to focus on what you would like to do. If you are interested in learning a certain dance move or combination, an online class is perfect to work on what you want and when you want to. If you want to work on a move over and over again without the pressure of moving on, you are able to do so with the help of your dance teacher.

5. Some One-On-One Time With Your Teacher

The great thing about online dance classes, is you have the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with a professional who can help you become the best dancer you can be. You can get helpful tips and learn some new tricks while also having fun. You will be able to learn to move that is best suited for you all at your own pace. You can take advantage of having a private teacher and ask them anything.

Online dance classes benefit in the sense that you are able to get the most out dancing without many barriers. You have the option of staying at home, choosing what you want to work on, and being able to get one-on-one lessons from professionals! If you are interested in starting your online dancing journey be sure to do so with STUArts Dance. You can check out more information here. See you out there!

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