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Dance For wellness 

Dance for the Mind, Body & Soul

Dance has a powerful affect on our well-being by reducing stress, promoting happiness and boosting social relationships. Our diverse workshops in various dance forms including ballet, contemporary, salsa, afrobeat, stepping among other form creates a positive learning and movement experience that builds well-being & trust, strengthens group responsibility & social connections, increases confidence & creativity and challenges the way in which we think and take care of our bodies. We offer an engaging Dance for Wellness program catered to your needs that utilizes dance as a means of improving wellness physically, socially, and mentally. 

Dance to 


High energy movement classes are powerful in the their interaction and engagement by:

  • Building positive energy

  • Balancing the Workday

  • Boosting Energy through electrifying dance styles such as Hip Hop and Stepping 

Dance For Relaxation 

Softer forms of movement offer an opportunity to slow down and be more mindful of our bodies by:​

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Strengthening Balance

  • Finding Inner Peace

  • Focusing the Mind

Dance TO


Dancing amongst a group or in pairs creates stronger group responsibility and connection by:

  • Releasing judgement of self and others

  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere

  • Boosting Creativity

  • Improving Collaboration

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