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Behind the scenes at STU Arts Dance.

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dance School Brussels

Hello Hello!!! Welcome to this week’s blog post. This week is going to be a little bit different than others for this blog is going to talk about all the behind the scenes stuff that you might not know goes on in STUArts Dance! While everything looks smooth on the outside, we thought it would be cool to give you some insight on what we do to give you STU Arts Dance! While attending classes is fantastic, that is only half of the fun. STU Arts does many other things behind the scenes you might not know of.

Now I’m not going to lie that classes are probably the best part, there is a lot that goes on to create the classes and workshops that you love! Prior to each class there is a time where we create and choreograph a combination. While this all seems pretty simple, sometimes we get choreographer’s block and we can’t think of anything at all and you end up looking like a weirdo doing the same move over and over again in front of your mirror trying to figure out what looks best (super awkward when your choreographing and someone spots you from outside your wonder, yes I’m speaking from experience). While we do get choreographer’s block we also get random bursts of inspiration that come at odd times and locations. For example, we can get inspiration while we're in the middle of grocery shopping when a cool song comes on the radio, when we’re riding the bus, or sometimes when we’re walking home from somewhere! It takes a lot choreographing the combo, but the thrill comes from seeing others dance out our little creation ☺

In addition to creating our combo’s, we have a lot of meetings for what’s in store for the future. With so many planned (and sometimes random) meetings, we think of EVERYTHING! From what posts to advertise, how long we should advertise them for, where to advertise them, what to schedule (you get the picture). Creating an atmosphere of dance goes beyond the studio itself and that my friends is where all the fun lies! (in my humble nerdy opinion). With so much to think about and so many routes to go down the one thing that brings the entire vibe of STU Arts Dance to life is the website. The website is one area where we can showcase our style, personality, and energy in what we have to offer. There is so much that goes on behind the creation of the website and is constantly updated to make everything more suitable for you! From the layout, to what is posted, to how the website functions is all the little things that makes STU Arts Dance compatible. In addition to our own style inputted, this is what makes STU Arts Dance stand out from the rest. Although there is a lot of trial and error with our roaster, we are constantly on the move to make things easier and more efficient for everyone so they can get the absolute best experience out of STU Arts Dance!

While there is so much to do behind the scenes at STU Arts, we also offer a community setting that separates us from the rest of the dance world here in Brussels. With our Everybody Can Dance community, we created a small little family that goes beyond the dance studio. With monthly get togethers such as karaoke, dinner nights, laser tag and so much more, STU Arts allows you to create friends outside of that 1 hour class 4 times a week. The planning of each event corresponds with what people are interested in and what is offered (of course keeping the safety of Covid in mind). While restrictions may limit us from doing some pretty cool things, we still hold our community close and make sure we are all okay!

The work we do at STU Arts is rewarded by your enjoyment of each class! with so much to think about behind the scenes, taking the time to go to class, have fun and enjoy each other’s companies makes it all worth it! If you are new to the STUArts Dance Community, come join us every Thursday and Sunday for some shimming and shaking! We offer beginner courses for dancers because we believe that Everybody Can Dance! for more information, check out our weekly adult classes here! can’t wait to see you out there having all the fun!

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