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Everyone Can Dance Member Spotlight Interview

Updated: May 16, 2021

Adult Dance School Brussels

Welcome to another ECD Member showcase where we have interviewed one of our ECD members to help you discover why joining STU Arts Dance is the best decision you can make when starting your dance journey! The STU Arts Dance community interviewed one of our dearest members Justine Vsr, and asked about her insight on why she joined STU Arts dance. So, without further ado, Let’s get started.

1. What has your experience been like since starting your dance Journey with STU Arts Dance?

Justine is a long term member and joined STU Arts almost 3 years ago. Wanting to start something new and challenging, she didn’t know how much STU Arts Dance would mean to her! “What I didn’t know at the time is how ECD will become important in my life. I am not exaggerating. I met a lot of nice people since I [joined] classes, [and] have always had a lot of fun with them. No one judged me!” While it can be overwhelming and scary joining a dance class, to Justine it was so worth it! She recalls, “I feel more confident about my dance skills… Just feeling good in my body while I am dancing is one of the greatest things that I am glad to have gained.” Since Justine joined, she has been a regular and rocking every class.

2. How Has STU Arts Dance impacted your dancing journey?

In the wise words of Justine put simply “I am totally addicted to dance now.” Since joining she states that “I have discovered a world of creativity and fun, It is also a bit challenging.” While feeling like remembering the combo is a bit hard, at the end of each class she always says “yes, I did it! I was able to do that combo, yeah! Going over the combo through and through allowed her to improve her skills without even realizing it. She indicates that “I have less consideration of what people think or could think about me while I dance. Being a beginner dancer is ok. I have learned to be more indulgent with myself… isn’t it great?” The most important thing is to have fun, and Justine gained that. She recalls “I am never disappointed about that when I go to my dance classes!”

3. What is one thing you can say to someone to overcome their fear of starting their journey?

“Just give it a try! As I did. My first intention was to try a dance class ‘just to see’. I came back every week after that trial! If you are very shy I suggest you come with a friend. It is always a bit scary to do something for the first time but it is that kind of experience that makes our life more interesting and exciting. Believe me; you have nothing to lose but a lot to win. So come and have fun with us!” I couldn’t have said it better myself! The first step can be a big step, but once you get through that, everything else will seem like a piece of cake. You have so much to gain when joining STU Arts Dance from the ability to improve your dance skills to gaining a community along the way.

4. What do you feel you have gained since joining the STU Arts Dance community?

While dance can offer many things, to Justine, STU Arts Dance allowed her to find balance in her life, separating her personal and professional life. She has also been able to gain a community beyond the dance classes as the STU Arts Dance community not only dances, but also takes part in some events that “makes us closer and having a good time together.” Events such as karaoke, going out to eat, axe throwing (yes that’s a thing we did ahah) and so much more. “There are always some new people who join the class and it is always cool to meet some new [people] but I really appreciate the fact that there are some regular people I know well now and I am glad to see every week.”

5. In your opinion, what classes do you recommend to new STU Arts Dancers?

Although some people might be interested in one specific class such as hip hop or the Everybody Can Dance Parties class, Justine recommends them all, that way you can get a feel of what you like and what works best for you. She states, “listen to yourself and enjoy the class you have chosen. Feel free to talk with people before the class; we will help you feel at the right place!” With that advice in mind Justine has tried all classes and “there are always good vibes [in each class].” Justine emphasizes that with whatever class you take, you will feel comfortable in all of them .

While getting into dancing might be scary at first, our ECD member Justine lets us know that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You will gain a new set of skills and a community along the way; and with the New Year in full swing, what better way to start your journey than with us here at STU Arts Dance. To learn more, check out our classes here to get started and enjoy your journey with STU Arts Dance.

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