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Our Mission


STU Arts Dance believes that the art of dance has a stronger impact once it is Seen by audiences. We offer engaging and high energy performances for special events that are perfect for small businesses, arts organisations and corporations.



Although the Art of Dance is a highly physical art form, we believe it is very important to Think about and engage in the rich history and culture of dance as well as exploring the positive benefits dance has on communities, and personal and professional development.


Through our webinars, blog, and Q&A's we explore a wide range of topics related to dance including the benefits of dance/movement, dance/movement within communities, and how-to-move guides.


We believe truly Understanding the art of dance starts within our own bodies. Our dance school based in Brussels, offers a wide variety of classes for students of all ages and levels in various dance styles.

Additionally, we offer movement curriculums and team building programs for small businesses, arts organisations and corporations in Brussels and beyond.

Best Dance School Brussels

Through the vision of our Creative Director, Briana Ashley Stuart, STU Arts upholds the values of community, culture & cooperation through the art of dance. We carry a unique perspective to the methodology, engagement and approach to arts related work for artists, dancers, and citizens to See. Think. And Understand the Arts of Dance, hence STU Arts Dance.


Based in Brussels, Belgium, we focus on providing broad high quality dance-related services and consultancy in the areas of performance (SEE), consultancy (THINK), teaching (UNDERSTAND), as well as choreography and arts administration for independent dance artists, dance companies, and dance and cultural arts organizations.

Our Services for INDIVIDUALS Include:

Dance Coaching

Private Dance Instruction

Special Event Choreography

Our Services for GROUPS Include:


Special Event Performances
Adult Dance Classes & Workshops

Children's Dance Classes 
Arts Administrative Support
Movement Workshops 
Stepping Workshops
Teambuilding Workshops
Special Event Choreography
Specialized Movement Curriculums

CONTACT US for more information on our services.

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