Upcoming Kids Dance Classes

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Ages 7-10

Thursdays 16h30-15h30

Pianofabriek, Rue Du Fort 35, Saint-Gilles

FREE TRIAL CLASS ON THURSDAY February 6th!! Register here.


Do you like music and dance? Then let's make some noise through the high energy and rhythmic American dance form called Stepping! Stepping is powerful, strong and tons of fun! When we step we use are body like a drum to create cool sounds and movement with only ours hands, feet and voice.  Join our team as we immerse ourselves in the possibilities of music and movement and discover all the amazing music we can make with our bodies. This is the ONLY Stepping class offered in Brussels so you definitely don't want to miss it! See you soon!

Classes offered in: EN/FR



First class on September 12th, free for everyone

One Class 10€ Drop-In, 120€ for the entire semester (February- May)

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English Kids Classes Brussels

Stories in Motion

Come on an exciting journey as we explore the mysteries and wonders of books through movement, percussion and song. Each class immerses the students in a story full of lovable characters, cool animals, and contagious energy. Join us as we soak in the knowledge within each adventure keeping the students engaged, focused and creating their own world of movement. Students are encouraged to bring their creativity, thinking caps, and smiles!

Age: 2yrs - 6yrs

Teaching English through

Theatrical Movement

Within this class, we use expressive and theatrical dance and movement to teach the basics of the English language as well as more complex constructions and vocabulary. Our goal is to create a fun and energetic learning atmosphere that keeps all students engaged and progressing. Ages: All

English Kids Class Brussels
English Kids Classes Brussels

Creative Movement

Creative movement encourages the curiosity, energy and imagination within every child. We engage in various activities and movement games that gets kids moving, telling stories and expressing themselves through movement. This class improves and develops fine motor skills, social communication, balance, respect for adults and each other, and much more. Ages: All

STU Arts provides highly interactive and engaging kids classes starting as young as two years old. Our wide variety of classes perfectly fit the needs of the students as well as challenge their learning within different disciplines. Below are the various kids classes we offer as well as classes that can be brought to your particular school, daycare center, or organization.

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STU Arts Brussels Kids Classes
STU Arts Brussels Kids Classes
STU Arts STU Arts Brussels Kids Classes


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