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STU Arts Stepping Academy

New to Brussels, The STU Arts Stepping Academy, is a program that dives in the an African-American style of body percussion that uses the body as an instrument, creating complex rhythms and sounds only with the hands, feet, and the voice. This very popular form of dance has been seen around the world in movies, commercials, music videos, shows and more! The Steppers are both musicians and dancers, endowed with strength and intensity that constantly challenges the mind and body. Stepping is perfect for strengthening the body, increasing stamina, team building and improving musicality and ones’ confidence.

Created by American dancer / teacher / choreographer Briana Ashley Stuart, this Stepping Program is a first in Belgium and represents a unique opportunity to discover this style of dance from the United States. Briana offers a rigorous Stepping course, full of passion, discipline and intensity. We invite you to immerse yourself in this powerful and intense culture of Stepping. Come discover what it's like to be part of a crew of steppers, and explore together the countless possibilities that music and movement offer!



SteppinDance Class prices in Brussels
Stepping in Europe/Brussels

*Classes taught in English.

Classes: ​

 Stepping- Beginning

Introduction to Stepping, Basic Steps, Technique/Execution,  Choreography

For students with 0-2 years of dance experience


Stepping - Intermediate/Advanced

Technique, Choreography, Intensive Class, Cultural Immersion

For students with at least 2 years of dance experience​



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